Perisher Valley

If you are looking for a place to make memorable moments between you and your loved ones, look no further. Perisher Valley in Australia is the best destination for you, no matter what the occasion is. Whether it is your wedding anniversary or any other anniversary, family celebrations and even the holidays. The place also offers a package for those who want to wed.


Location and general description

The Perisher valley is found in Australia and is one of the biggest resort in the area having covered about four mountain areas which include the Guthega, Blue Cow, Mt. Perisher and Smiggin Holes. The region measures over 1200 hectares and consists of mountain peaks and smooth terrain that one can actually ski on. Skiing is in fact the major event done there.
Since the area is large, it offers terrains for skiers of any kind, from those who are just learning to professional ones. You may want to try the place and it may end up becoming your favorite destination especially for winter holidays.
The area is not as remote as you may think. Essential services are actually available. They include ATMs, shopping centers where you can find amazing Xmas Gifts, Pharmacies, food and beverage outlets and even a post office.


The good thing about accommodation around this area is that you can easily book and get good rooms online. There is a large number of hotels, lodges and apartment that are self-contained that one can choose from. The apartments are affordable and have price ranges that one can suitably pick from. The major hoteliers found in the area include Smiggin Holes, Guthega and Jindabyne.
The perisher manor can be found in area and is a luxurious hotel that will give you a 4 star or 5 star experience according to your preference. It is owned by a family and has provided hotel services in the area for about 50 years.

valleyThe perisher resort can be found less than 7 hours from Sidney if one is driving. There is enough parking space in the area hence you don’t have to worry about getting inconvenienced in any way. Parking in the public is however restricted to day time and one would have to look for a place to park during the night.

The transport facilities are impeccable and one wouldn’t have to worry in case he/she lacks private means. There exists a shuttle bus that charges nothing and serves to transport tourists. It operates between 7.30 am and 6pm. For those who ski at night, the shuttle service will be exclusively available for them until late night.

The Perisher Valley should definitely be in your travelling bucket list. Don’t worry about carrying your own snowboard or even much clothes. There are clothes and boards available for hire at a pocket friendly price in the area. The customer care around the place is amazing. You can contact them through their phone numbers or even through their official websites and be sure of a quick and reliable response.

This is just incredible. Visit the valley and enjoy yourself.